Pink & green faichuns
to our clients & friends
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This gift idea came around a month before the Lunar New Year, when we are thinking it would be the best way to reach out to our clients and friends with our gratitude and creativity.

Faichun Design

Speaking of creativity, we break the rules of having “classic red” as the theme colour of Lunar New Year gifts, especially faichun (揮春). Instead, all faichuns in our gift packs are printed with risograph. We utilise the special bright colours of riso ink to create the contrast to ordinary faichuns. Risograph printing is well known for its minor dislocation of ink, but when we talk about breaking boundaries, the imperfection becomes exactly what we want.

Out-of-the-box wishes

Since our clients and targets are all local, we have gathered latest online memes, direct translations, word puns, and very handy phrases such as “
noted with thanks”
, so the gift items can be used anywhere anytime. The balance of creativity and functionality is very important when it comes to creative products.

Sticker Design

Besides traditional faichuns, we have also created stickers so that the festive spirit can be all year round. With a small card attached in the package, we have also written some words to each recipient, hoping they can feel our warmest regards.

Lunar New Year Gifts
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