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In 2013 Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) brought together their previous reading efforts and activities under the SHKP Reading Club, which is an open, complimentary platform for the community. Every year the Reading Club toured in different primary and secondary schools, and held talks and events promoting reading.

Event Identity & Illustration

In 2018/19, we designed the key visual and adaptations for this series of school talk tours. The form of illustration made the talk more approachable to the students in an assembly session. Since reading is a source of imagination and inspiration, we illustrated a teen walking into a journey while there is an astronaut and other planets in the frame, intriguing students to think beyond studying when coming across reading.

Event Collaterals

Besides pull up banners, we designed a set of adaptations to suit the programme’s needs, including questionnaires, promotional cards, photo props and tote bags. During the school year, the SHKP Reading Club organised 146 activities for about 40,000 teachers and students.
‘Read & Share’ Programme School Talks
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Art Direction
Event Identity

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