Little Spain recreated
for viva la fiesta
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Following the North Korean Cultural Festival, GLOs Cafe by fooody held the second travel festival titled “Viva la fiesta: Spanish Cultural Festival”.

Event Identity

The key visual is a collage using a few Spanish signatures, such as the flamenco figures, Picasso’s Cubism art and the iconic and colourful Spanish tiles.

Social Media Campaign

To maintain social media presence, we promote and advertise the programme events and also created a series of fun facts about Spain to arouse people’s interest in the festival.

Event Collaterals

We designed collaterals for workshops and interactive activities for the Festival programmes, including the menu for the Cafe and a tomato throwing game outside the Cafe. Our illustrator also held a Picasso drawing workshop as part of the programmes.
Viva la fiesta: Spanish Cultural Festival
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︎︎︎Event Identity
︎︎︎Social Media Campaign

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