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the_ blanks started in August 2019 as a clubhouse that hosted international relations events in cafes, providing an intellectual platform for guest speakers to exchange viewpoints, together with live interactive sessions with participants. To have a hint of relaxation as a clubhouse, movie screenings and music events were also part of the programme list.

Branding & Visual Identity

Our design provided a feeling of calmness and sensitivity, shaping the_ blanks as the getaway to absorb, interact, and contribute. Colours of white, beige and grey in logo and key visuals of launch posts provide a feeling of tranquility. Naming of the clubhouse complies with its purpose of helping people to find meanings of their daily lives.

Brochure & Membership Card Design

The brand treasures the members’ experience. Brochures and membership cards were printed with more sophisticated printing to deliver a more high-class feeling.

Tote Bag Design

Tote bags used minimalistic design, printing the core question of the club: “what are we made of?”, so as to add a layer of meaning to the tote.
the_ blanks Brand Launch
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Brand Identity 
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